We meet the name Klarios as a city name in Ionia, which had a well-known oracle. It was as famous as Apollon and Zeus “… Klarios the kolofantos ô opos af' ï u and Ê larios ï Á pollon...” Pavsanias 11,2,8.

Ploutarchos mentions the River Klario:

“Solon after gone to Cyprus, got in love with Philokypros, a king there, who had a big town, under Demophontos government near Klarios River…” Ploutarchos p. 26.

Pavsanias mentions that in Tegea of Arcadia there was the worship of Apollon “Aegias” and Aphrodite Paphias. In the same area of Tegeas there was a village called “Zeus Klarios” Pavsanias III, 53,9.

Soloi of Cyprus and Arcadia in Peloponissos have a connection with the Arcadian colonalisation in Cyprus. The fact that in the area of Tegeas, there was the sacred of Aphrodite's Paphia which is given to Laodiki, the daughter of the settler of Paphos Agapinora, prove the close relationships between Cyprus – Arcadia at those ages. Therefore, it's not impossible that the Arcadians who came to Cyprus, to have brought the worship of Apollon Klarion and Zeus Klarion with them.

At Homer's time, it was a usual thing to worship rivers. The rivers “were honored as they had purifying strength on the name of the sacred of Apollon”.

With this motion the River Klarios of Solias can be related with Klarion Apollon. It took this name at those years when the Arcadians habitants had communication with Cyprus.

(Study – Lectures, Book A, Kon. Spiridaki 1973)
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